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Our Mission:

To help families and small businesses solve their IRS problems so they can stop living in fear. For over a decade, Forte Tax Law has empowered families and businesses with true service, care and time-tested IRS Tax Resolution.


Our Focus

Your future. We believe in people, that’s why Forte Tax Law helps families and businesses combat worry and stress with experienced legal counsel for IRS tax resolution. We handle your business, so you’re free to focus on living.

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Our Firm

At Forte Tax Law, we put people first. As a luxury law firm, we’re proud to offer high-quality service backed by decades of experience that allow our clients’ families and businesses to resolve their IRS tax problems with no worries and less stress. Having practiced for over a decade, our founder is in touch with every client and case to ensure that your business receives the highest caliber of service possible.


Our Method

We’re not like the IRS and other law firms, we put people first—that’s actually why we’re here! At Forte Tax Law, you’re not a faceless case file that we haven’t truly met. Naturally, while you will work with our paralegals, you’ll also work directly with our principal, Robert Forte Jr., on your best options and path forward to solving your IRS problem.

At Forte Tax Law, you’re more than just your tax returns and a set of numbers, you’re our client, and we work for your best interest, not the government’s.


Misconception 1

In most cases you do not have to personally meet with the IRS to discuss anything. Don’t let the IRS intimidate you into telling them anything. You simply do not have to. Instead, you can elect to have your own representative (e.g., an attorney) meet or talk to the IRS on your behalf. Learn More ⤖ 

Misconception 3

The IRS is not always right, even though they may think and act like they are. Always ask for more when dealing with the IRS. Just because the IRS says that the tax laws only entitle you to this or that, always ask for more. Learn More

Misconception 2

You don’t have to sign anything the IRS provides you until you have had your authorized representative, like your attorney, review and approve it. Never sign anything from the IRS unless you completely understand the repercussions, you may be signing away rights or extended their time to collect. Read More

Misconception 4

If you do decide to talk to the IRS, only give them information that they specifically ask for. You have the right to stop any IRS questioning at any time by telling the IRS employee that you want legal representation. Learn More


The Founding Fathers never intended a nation where citizens were overly burdened from financial success by excessive taxes. 



Our Team

At Forte Tax Law, you’re not just a client. From our paralegals to our founder, Robert Forte Jr., we commit 100% of our resources, time and passion to you and your case. Whether it’s timely responses, regular case updates or something more complex, we work as a luxury firm that caters to our clients to find them the best path toward IRS tax resolution.

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Our Purpose

People are our purpose. As a luxury law firm, we’re proud to offer high-quality service backed by decades of experience that allow our clients’ families and businesses to resolve their IRS tax problems with no worries and less stress.


Special Reports

Only you can end your irs problems

IRS problems take a toll on you financially, physically, and emotionally.  You can never really forget about them as they always seem to come back each morning when you wake up! At Forte Tax Law, we provide solutions to taxpayers like you who find themselves at odds with the IRS. 

what you need to know about the irs

This special report will provide you with some information about the IRS that you may not have been aware of–information on what may very well be the most amazing and powerful program ever offered by the IRS. Millions of U.S. citizens find themselves at odds with the IRS.

how you can & must protect your business from the irs

If you own any type of small business and have IRS Payroll Tax troubles then you may be in real danger of losing your business. This report provides you with the information you need to protect yourself and your business. At Forte Tax Law, we protect you and your business.